Green Cleaning

Regional Cleaning Services ( RCS ) rely on Diversey to simplify processes and improve efficiency for cleaning commercial, industrial, and retail facilities.  

Their products and programs help RCS clean better from floor to ceiling, from the front door to the loading dock faster, better, and with less environmental impact than ever before.

Regional Cleaning Services provides the pathway and best practices to clean and maintain sustainable buildings.  We go above and beyond traditional cleaning that focuses on appearance sake only and provide sound strategy, practices and guidelines to clean for health, safety and environment.  RCS incorporates leading third-party environmental certification guidelines.  Regional Cleaning Services provides our clients with strategies, tips, and guidelines that emphasize safety, health, and environmental concerns.  We also provide purchasing guidelines for products and on-the-job training tools.

We Commit to:

  • Target zero environmental, health, and safety incidents related to our operations, products, and services.

  • Meet or exceed all applicable regulatory requirements.

  • Apply resources effectively and efficiently.

  • Partner with customers and community groups to promote environmental, safety, and health.

  • Communicate our policy to employees, explain their accountabilites and provide them with the tools they need to achieve company objectives.

  • Advocate for more challenging performance requirements for our industry.



Green Seal Products:

Under the Diversey Inc. brand, the following products currently bear the Green Seal:
  • Stride
  • Citrus Neutral Cleaner Stride
  • Floral Neutral Cleaner Glance
  • Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner Crew
  • Bathroom Cleaner and Scale Remover G-Force
  • All-Purpose and Glass Cleaner G-Force
  • Washroom Cleaner
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